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Conceptual Building Design Revit Architecture 2016

Conceptual Building Design Revit Architecture 2016.
BIMbogen, 2015. Pris: kr. 269,00 (ekskl. moms)


  •  Become a skilled Revit user
  •  Make sense of basic BIM - understand and experience the advantages
  • Learn best practice in modeling with Revit

...all at the same time, using this step-by-step learning guide and reference book for Revit beginners.
This book is a case study for students and professionals working with building design.
While working your way through the concept design stage of a detached single family house in a realistic design process, you will be led through all the tools in Revit necessary to master modeling a small building.
Through the course of this guided tour, the project will develop and change - much like a real project - as ideas meet the real world.

In this process, the advantages of Revit and BIM methods (Building Information Modeling) will come alive, enabling you to easily make changes to the project.
Applying Revit in a real-world scenario, the book sets up a robust model for how to actually use and make use of Revit in a project in the design stages. Detail and effort is balanced, addressing the needs of professionals as well as students of architecture or architectural technology.

The book is stringently structured and layouted to serve as more than a tutorial, but also as a user-friendly reference book on the practical use of Revit - to keep and to consult regularly.

Ved at bruge Revit i en virkeligt scenarie, opstiller BIMbogen en gennemprøvet model for, hvordan man rent faktisk bruger Revit i et projekt i designfasen. BIMbogens tilgang til stoffet tilgodeser både studerende og fagfolk.


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Conceptual Building Design Revit Architecture 2016. BIMbogen, 2015. Pris: kr. 269,00 (ekskl. moms)

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