24.07.17 11:24

Handbook for the introduction of Building Information Modelling by the European Public Sector

Håndbogen præsenterer strategiske anbefalinger til at udbrede BIM i EU, og dermed potentielt opnå væsentlige besparelser i det offentlige byggeri.

The scope of the handbook is to provide strategicrecommendations to inform policy development orchange management programmes at the national,regional or estate levels. In addition it providesimplementation level recommendations to informdecisions at the project and procurement level.

The scope of the handbook is not to provide atechnical introduction to BIM (which is coveredwidely in other literature), nor is it to developstandards or to ‘compete’ with standards bodies,academia and industry associations. It aims tosignpost good practice and developed standardswhen introducing BIM; and to inform the decisionmaking of public sector organisations to beconsistent with each other, and the Europeanconstruction sector. 

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